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DigitalSkunks is simply a different kind of Software Company. On one hand it helps the Start-ups to become technology enabled and on the other hand helps mature organizations achieve excellence by delivering technology solutions (as their Skunkworks™ team) that offer lasting value. DigitalSkunks inherits the experience and technology from e-navik ( who has been supporting the private sector globally throughout every phase of technology lifecycle.

Now, more than any other time in history the businesses worldwide are facing series of vicious and often insurmountable difficulties with diminishing access to both valuable technology and management resources which help creating an eco-system to navigate this dangerously volatile business environment. Recognizing this need and having been in a unique position to see both sides of the equation between entrepreneurs seeking to build their solutions or products for their business and the investors that are looking to invest in these high risk ventures.

DigitalSkunks Technologies is a result of coming together of experienced technology business practitioners. For more information please visit

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