Streamlining Application Support processes and improving user satisfaction.

Background and Challenges

  • ✓  Customer had over 60+ applications for 8 mio. Multiplay subscribers and 2000+ users .
  • ✓  Business challenge was the ticket backlog reduction for various business areas, e.g., provisioning, billing, WFM etc.
  • ✓  Client wanted E2E Application Support in a L1, L2, L3 model for incident and problem management.
  • ✓  Support for post go live phase of new customer product was a big challenge.
  • ✓  Customer was looking for vendor to provide post go live support for after system migration (mainly for billing, logistics and provisioning).


  • ✓  Worked closely with business and identified issues, prioritized them and created a plan to resolve them. This helped in creating a systematic plan to reduce backlog with identified work streams within the team which were responsible for problem management, issue management, monitoring and prevention.
  • ✓  Identified the scenarios that lead to data inconsistencies and created a data cleansing work stream which would prevent the subsequent issues that may occur due to data issues.
  • ✓  Analysis of process workflow to establish support plan.
  • ✓  Implemented process of a ticket pre-analysis to optimize ticket handling time.
  • ✓  Established way of working with system vendors and functional tests within L2, L3 support.
  • ✓  Ad-hoc report initialization for various business requirements.
  • ✓  Month-end support 24X7 support to the critical business functions like revenue management and to customer service after each release. This helped in not only preventing escalations for many issues but increased the responsiveness to the bug fixes leading to improved collaboration with other business units with IT.


  • ✓  Implementation of standardized ITIL processes for the Incident and Problem management while applying eTOM principles within the scope of customer processes.
  • ✓  Implementation of reports based on various KPIs.
  • ✓  Onsite to nearshore ramp up and offshore stabilization in 12 months time with 15 FTEs.
  • ✓  Incident backlog reduction to 53% in 6 months time, FTR’s to 72%, Response to Incident by 86%.
  • ✓  Brought down escalations per release/per month end to 64%.
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