Migration Billing Mediation & RA roll-out.


The client is the second largest communications services provider in Germany, offering innovative and enhanced products for broadband, digital television, radio, cable, pay TV and telephony. Offering an innovative product mix to a rapidly expanding customer base, the client is consistently improving and investing in its infrastructure to cater to growing and different needs. A decision of migrating from existing platforms, applications and products to new solutions was made to achieve business objectives.

It was critical to capture all current system requirements from the existing platform to ensure continuity for the new solution. The new product would also have to be future proof in order to roll-out new features with agility.

The objective was to migrate the existing Billing Mediation and Revenue Assurance Platform to a new breed solution that is NGN compatible. The NGN concept takes into consideration new realities in the telecommunication industry such as the need to converge and optimize the operating networks and the extraordinary expansion of digital traffic such as multimedia and mobile usage. NGN also aims to tackle important concerns raised from the use of current IP-based services like QoS and security.

In DigitalSkunks, the client found a partner who can:

  • ✓  Create a testing strategy and framework.
  • ✓  Help the client’s team to capture existing requirements and anticipate future needs.
  • ✓  Execute tests, verify results and maintain a test repository.
  • ✓  Identify and resolve system and scope gaps.


  • ✓  The functional requirement document (FRD) had a multitude of gaps and needed many iterations until all business needs were covered.
  • ✓  Preparing 100% accurate test cases that cover all aspects of the product perfectly.
  • ✓  Incorporating the ongoing implementation changes into testing and benchmarking.
  • ✓  Verifying the reports generated by the system against the inputs and the database.
  • ✓  Ensuring data integirty and consistency onto the target solution.
  • ✓  No downtime window availablity for the Go Live.
  • ✓  Different time zones leading to reduced communication.
  • ✓  Proper and complete defect/bug documentation for clear understanding, easy reproduction and quick resolution.
  • ✓  No prior experience with a highly complex new solution.


Factors that lead to our success were:

  • ✓  Knowledge transfer by means of deploying an onsite team, using collaboration tools to work with offshore.
  • ✓  Documentation of the test plan, test cases, test results, test data.
  • ✓  Test case approval from client.
  • ✓  Verification of automated test scripts.
  • ✓  Employing two fold QA – business process validations coupled with functional requirment validations..
  • ✓  Baseline control and strong Quaity Assurance.


  • ✓  An overall reduction in the costs of testing.
  • ✓  Effective assurance and insurance of all the requirement capturing.
  • ✓  Efficient testing with the different test data and test scenarios.
  • ✓  Early identification of issues in the testing cycle.
  • ✓  Accurate bug detection and analysis of root causes.
  • ✓  Accelerated development cycle.
  • ✓  Experienced and skilled testers, who can be acquired for short periods of time.
  • ✓  Independent verification and validation.
  • ✓  150% productivity per day, utilizing the time-zone-differential to the customer’s advantage.

DigitalSkunks defined a test strategy and delivered a business enabled Solution that helps its client to attain sustainable growth and 360° business profit take-outs. DigitalSkunks has a rich domain, technology and business expertise that create solutions for its clients.

DigitalSkunks is your true transparent business partner who follows processes and delivers speed of execution and a capability to stretch its budgets by engaging a global delivery model.

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