Sales training Application using Byte sized learning & Gamification.

Background and Challenges

  • ✓  Client had a variety of Telecom Hardware products that required a high level of technical knowhow and the workforce had to be abreast with the latest features & tech used in the products.
  • ✓  The vision was to implement a mobile first platform for the workforce, especially the sales team, to help them improve their efficiency in understanding new products and hence improve the journey of the customer through the entire sales cycle.
  • ✓  The aim was to simplify the learning curve for the workforce of the client, by implementing a solution embedded with interactive gaming elements to create an aware and collaborative team.
  • ✓  To understand the diverse requirements that will help in the learning process of the workforce and incorporate them on a single platform.
  • ✓  To make the content and the platform to be intuitive so that the users don’t face a resistance on using the platform.
  • ✓  To create user friendly, byte sized information, that encompasses the entire information about the product and at the same time is easily comprehensible to the workforce.
  • ✓  To develop the solution in a limited time frame to meet the customers’ requirements.


  • ✓  With the customer at the centre of the solution, we applied a strategy that involved taking continuous feedback and suggestions from the client to develop the best solution. Content was co-created to give the client exactly what they required.
  • ✓  Reduced the data required to understand the product into small pieces of information that made learning a quick and effective process for the workforce.
  • ✓  Developed a mobile first platform that was ingrained with gaming elements, which made learning a fun process for the workforce.
  • ✓  Interactive reports that map the workforces’ learning on the platform gives actionable insights to the management.


  • ✓  Developed a learning platform for the client using gamification
  • ✓  A comprehensive solution that enables the client’s workforce to stay updated with the features and tech of the products using a simple and intuitive platform was developed.
  • ✓  The workforce showed a marked improvement in the learning cycle and were able to deliver a better sales experience to the customers.
  • ✓  There was significant reduction in customer care calls related to product features and first time setup.
  • ✓  Addition of Game elements on the platform encouraged to workforce to regularly take up their learning exercises.
  • ✓  The managers were able to better disseminate information to their workforce and achieve the training objectives in a better manner.
  • ✓  The platform promoted better collaboration among the workforce that improved the overall morale of the employees.
  • ✓  Managers were able to monitor the employees’ progress in a better way as far as training was concerned.
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