Pharmaceutical Sales training Application using Byte sized learning & Gamification

Background and Challenges

  • ✓  The client was a large pharmaceutical company with a large and distributed sales team. The products ranged from daily usage prescription drugs to complex diagnostic tests that help millions of customers. The products were highly technical and the scope of learning range from medicine, biopharmaceuticals and test procedures. The smallest of product changes brought about a necessity to transfer the required information to the sales team, which formed the interface between the company and the end-customer. Also, being a highly regulated industry, keeping the team up to date was of utmost importance.
  • ✓  The challenge was to take this complex information and spread it among the clients salesforce in the most time efficient manner, while maintaining a minimum average retention rate for the information provided to every member of the sales team.


  • ✓  Taking into mind the strict regulations applicable in the industry, we worked extensively on designing the application in a way which would enable the user to grasp the complex technical information in the most efficient manner.
  • ✓  Our approach was customer-centric and involved a lot of feedback and suggestions from the client to develop the best possible solution.
  • ✓  Co-created the content with the client to ensure transmission of all relevant facts and terminology from lengthy text to a byte sized mobile environment. Images and videos were used extensively.
  • ✓  Divided a product into several small packets of data which could then be consumed by the user over a period of time, rather than reading everything together. This improved the retention percentage of the user.
  • ✓  The application was built with a mobile first strategy taking into mind the remote nature of the users. Several gamification elements like points on achieving learning targets, rewards for the points earned and internal ranking to increase competitiveness among users were used in the application.
  • ✓  Interactive reports to measure the learning progress and performance of individual users. These can be monitored by the administrator or the manager.

Outcome: Developed a learning platform for the client using gamification

  • ✓  A comprehensive solution that enables the client’s workforce to stay updated with the technical details and the application of the products using a simple and intuitive platform was developed.
  • ✓  The workforce showed a marked improvement in the learning cycle and were able to deliver a better sales experience to the customers.
  • ✓  There was significant reduction in calls by the customers towards clarifications over the usage of the products.
  • ✓  Addition of Game elements on the platform encouraged to workforce to regularly take up their learning exercises.
  • ✓  The managers were able to better disseminate information to their workforce and achieve the training objectives in a better manner.
  • ✓  The platform promoted better collaboration among the workforce that improved the overall morale of the employees.
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