Increase in Consumer usage of product and services using Gamification

Background and Challenges

  • ✓  The client was a large international telecom operator with a consumer base of more than 300 million users. Having entered a new market and promoting its data services among new consumers, the requirement of the client was to develop an application which would increase the usage of its data service and at the same time ensure that the usage patterns do not fall off after initial interactions. The challenge was to design and develop an application which would provide some value to the consumer using the data services of the client. To ensure continuous usage over a period of time it was important to design the content in a manner which would not require frequent updates/revisions but still appeal some value.


  • ✓  Taking into mind the requirement and diversity in the target market of the client, we developed a mobile application which not only appealed to majority of the target market, but also did not require regular content updating to keep the users interested.
  • ✓  The application consisted of tasks and games which the users could perform and play alone, with their friends or with other users using the data services of the client. This ensured that existing users invited new users to the platform and also interacted with other users, thus increasing the time spent on the application and data usage.
  • ✓  The tasks and games were assessed on the numbers of users engaged and the amount of data services consumed while performing the same. These tasks and games were then assigned points accordingly. Ex: A task requiring 4 users will be awarded more points when compared to an individual task.
  • ✓  The points collected on the platform could then be redeemed for rewards at major outlets across the location. This gave an incentive to the users to play games and complete the tasks regularly. Users could also share these rewards with their friends using the application.
  • ✓  Users could also compete among themselves and monitor their position on leader boards. This brought a sense of competitiveness to the users and ensured that they completed the tasks and games available on the application.
  • ✓  Our approach involved extensive feedback from the end-user and our client to shape the application in the best possible way.
  • ✓  The client could monitor the usage and time spent on the application by the users, and generate advanced analytics reports from a web-dashboard.

Outcome: Developed a learning platform for the client using gamification

  • ✓  A comprehensive solution that enables the client’s consumer base to have fun and earn rewards. For the client it brought about an increase in the usage of its data services, helped garner more consumers and resulted in positive publicity in the target market.
  • ✓  Existing consumers showed consistent usage patterns over time, while there was a consistent growth in the number of active users.
  • ✓  Data service usage of the client in the target segment scaled positively.
  • ✓  Addition of Game elements on the platform encouraged the users to regularly compete in various tasks and games.
  • ✓  The client was able able to better interpret information on the data usage patterns of its consumer base in the location.
  • ✓  The platform promoted the clients organization and the reward partners, and also encouraged users to socialize with other users using the application.
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