Payroll & HR Management Software for Indian Businesses

Background and Challenges

  • ✓  Designing a Payroll & HR Management Software for the needs of Indian Businesses. Payroll Compliance and rules varies with geographical states, and a single system encompassing all variations was to be developed.
  • ✓  The HR modules required customizable workflows to suit the requirements of companies having different policies.
  • ✓  Attendance & Leave Management modules should automate the complete process from morning time stamp to automatic deduction of leaves based on availability. Different companies have different leave types with customizable properties.
  • ✓  The system should also have complete tax management and calculations, updated with the latest rules and laws. A special portal was created for external accountants to manage all their clients on a single platform. This was the USP of the product and led to enhanced security and reduced transfer of information outside the system.
  • ✓  The UI/UX of the application should be such that the on boarding and training required for the employees is minimal, and should have a self-on boarding feature for new employees.


  • ✓  Taking into mind the requirement and diversity of the market, highly customizable workflows and architecture was created for the Payroll management Software.
  • ✓  Agile scrum methodology was used for developing the software, with an iterative and incremental approach for developing various modules. The project was divided into 3 sprints; each sprint with a planned time of 45 days.
  • ✓  The HR modules were designed to automate most of the processes, from employee on-boarding to full & final settlement. These modules were improved and customized as per the requirements of the clients.
  • ✓  The Payroll module was developed to adhere to variations in Payroll laws in different states. The system consisted of pay variations based on location, age group, gender and type of employment. Special care was taken when writing the algorithms to reduce the load on server during calculations.
  • ✓  Adherence to statutory compliances was automated in the system to ensure 100% compliances to labour laws.
  • ✓  Attendance module was designed to receive API feeds from biometric machines, and completely automate attendance calculations and tracking. Geo-location attendance and IP tracking was also provided for sales personnel.
  • ✓  The system was based on Multi-tenant architecture, with a single user type for companies. Employees could be allotted custom roles, and this ensured that employees had a single login for both employee & administrative purposes. Access to features was provided based on roles allotted.
  • ✓  Employees had several self-service options related to tax-filings and declarations. The system had a tutorial feature from where employees could view video tutorials. This ensured a simple on boarding process for new employees without any specific trainings.
  • ✓  A new module was developed for accountants, wherein they could handle tasks like income tax management and running payroll from a separate login remotely.
  • ✓  The system was tested extensively, especially the payroll modules, to ensure all calculations and algorithms worked fine. Test automation softwares were used for this purpose.

Outcome: Developed a Payroll and HR Management Software for Indian businesses

  • ✓  HR team of clients showed great response to the software in terms of visual appeal and usability. The customizable approval workflows automated a lot of manually repetitive tasks, and increased efficiency for all parties involved.
  • ✓  Employees were able to manage their tasks like leave application etc. without spending time in manual processes. The same was true for managers who could track their team leaves and plan accordingly.
  • ✓  Accountants were able to manage multiple companies from a single login, without the need to exchange multiple mails and excel sheets at month end. Payroll process efficiency increased by up to 70%.
  • ✓  A team of 4, developed the whole system in 5 months, including testing and development. This included several Change Requests from clients, which were incorporated in different sprints based on feasibility.
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