CimpliflEx: A journey to bug-free experience

Background and Challenges

  • ✓  Designing a Payroll & HR Management Software for the needs of Indian Businesses. Payroll Compliance and rules varies with geographical states, and a single system encompassing all variations was to be developed.


  • ✓   Our approach was simply straight - “Test Process Transparency” + “Perfect Customer Experience”
  • ✓   Keeping in mind the above challenges, we designed a test collaboration tool which would allow the customer to oversee testing of their product and increase transparency of the process.
  • ✓   The system was designed on the lines of major collaborative tools, and tailored to suit the diverse requirements of software testing. The customer would be able to login and oversee the actions of the development team directly.
  • ✓   Every project would be assigned a success manager, and will be tasked with creating the test cases on the platform. These test cases were then allocated to individual testers with target dates. The customer is in charge of the whole process and can track work done by individual testers and the team on the whole.
  • ✓   Chat module was integrated for simplifying conversations within the testing team and with the customer.
  • ✓   Team calendar and project insights would give the brief overview of the project, with graphical elements used to display progress etc.
  • ✓   Documentation of the Test Plan, Test Scenarios and Test Results could be uploaded directly onto the platform to bring ease and transparent collaboration.
  • ✓   The whole team thoroughly worked to drive quality engineering mission with human sense. Agile Scrum methodology was used and every iteration was developed using our extensive experience in software testing and client satisfaction.
  • ✓   The project was divided in 3 sprints, each lasting 45 days with a team of 3 developers and insights from our testing team.


  • ✓   A platform was launched where the client and technical team could work together to drive a bug free experience for the users.
  • ✓   A Client can sign up, create his project directly on the dashboard & simultaneously a success manager would be assigned to the client who would further see the requirement and assign the client a team of required skilled members who then would resolve the issues raised by keeping 100% transparency.
  • ✓   It came out as a live platform where client can have live chat with both team members and manager, can share all formats of documents, see the live updates, and review the changes simultaneously.
  • ✓   The workflow became simplified having the whole project resolved on a single platform. Clients appreciated the added transparency and simplicity of the process. Regular participation from the clients also increased efficiency of the complete process.
  • ✓   The whole system was completed in 6 months with contribution from both developers and testers.
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