Tailor made Test Automation; Reliable migration of customers & services.

Business Problem

The client had an order activation fulfilment system which was undergoing periodic changes based on legal and user requirements. Every time the system was enhanced or modified it had to undergo a full regression test. The time and cost of the test was increasing with every iteration. Client was looking for an optimized, effective and efficient Test Automation services for their Order to activate fulfillment process.

Business Goal

  • ✓  Reduce manual testing efforts while increasing accuracy and reliability.
  • ✓  Automate maximum tests out of more than 330 regression use cases, inclusive of test scenarios, test cases and test coverage – these required hours of manual testing and optimizing the test setup.
  • ✓  Create a complete automated regression suite that was flexible to use in any test environment.


  • ✓  We understood the business and functional requirements. We carried out manual testing for first few cycles in order to understand the business and functional requirements.
  • ✓  Designed a hybrid BDD & TDD model and reusable automation framework which could be easily extended with the addition of business or functional requirements.
  • ✓  Designed reusable test scripts using the automation framework.


  • ✓  Reduced time to market for new feature rollout.
  • ✓  Reduced regression testing time by 80% per cycle.
  • ✓  Achieved 70% automation of identified applications.
  • ✓  Improved and quantified test coverage.
  • ✓  Customer realized full ROI at the end of 8th test cycle.
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