Enterprise Sales Learning Product


An innovative approach to learning which allows a company to gather insights about their sales agents learning preferences and views, helps for future instructional design & content. These insights are useful for decision makers for future targeting and product planning.

The target architecture should be scalable such that diversity of mobile devices could be supported along with the roll-out to many users.

The client was actively looking for a partner who can:

  • ✓  Help the client’s team to develop the concept and realize it, by not only capturing all the requirements, but also ensuring their smooth adoption of the system.
  • ✓  User acceptance and roll-out of the solution.
  • ✓  Manage the project execution within the committed time-frame.


  • ✓  Fast paced project wherein the solution was delivered over couple of sprints. Scope management for stringent timelines.
  • ✓  The customer wanted to continuously enrich their solution by incorporating user feedback both explicit as well as implicit.
  • ✓  Fast paced development using scrum and agile techniques with a view on time to market.
  • ✓  Data protection and security rules for the geography was important for the roll out of multi-platform the solution.
  • ✓  Design demanded for a cost-effective and scalable platform. Future feature distribution simultaneously with the same UI.
  • ✓  High performance and optimized loading of pages
  • ✓  Intuitive design and navigation to enable zero learning curve and immediate onboarding of users.


  • ✓  Strict timelines governed by Go-To-Market strategy of client coupled with evolving scope. We had to employ feature layering approach for development.
  • ✓  Feature Layering was done in such a way that with the rollout first sprint to not only maintain user interest in the app but also they are motivated to provide feedback and the user feedback can be captured with the next releases.
  • ✓  A special interest group of users was created such that each release was previewed with this user group before rolling it out to a larger audience to eliminate user issues upfront and manage expectations.
  • ✓  A dedicated pool of analysts, developers and testers working closely with stakeholders right from concept development to delivery.
  • ✓  Definition and employing Test Automation of Regression Test Cases complementing with functional testing and exploratory testing for each feature release.
  • ✓  Collaborative and transparent project management to resolve dependencies and quick decision making.


  • ✓  This product has been very well received with a positive feedback from the direct sales and indirect sales partners.
  • ✓  Continuous Integration principles helped in timely and quality delivery.
  • ✓  Enriched and user friendly UI focused on usability.
  • ✓  Analytics of user preferences and user behaviour.
  • ✓  Technology was delivered on iphones and Android devices.
  • ✓  The administration from backend is done by assigned manager who ensures content consistency with a mechanism to follow-up and track the performance on the go and in the real time.
  • ✓  It also provides upper management the ability to analyse training efforts and correlate their impact on performance.
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