DevOps at major German Telco Operator

Background and Challenges

  • ✓  Reduction of billing cost and reduce the billing cycle
  • ✓  Improve and automate process to support business requirements
  • ✓  Manage project from DevOps perspective, data capture to final bill
  • ✓  Develop Software and roll out the software
  • ✓  Data cleansing, operations and change


  • ✓  Define and implement data migration strategy to prepare for the introduction of new applications in the future.
  • ✓  Perform the necessary data cleansing to prevent post migration errors and bugs.
  • ✓  Develop and implement an AS400 based CRM extensions fitted to the needs of a leading telco provider.
  • ✓  Consult onto business process refashioning to improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational cost.
  • ✓  System assessment of existing billing section to consult onto future development decisions.
  • ✓  Define automation scripts for future billing process to reduce operational impact of cycle billing


  • ✓  Reduction of cost per bill by about 50%.
  • ✓  Reduce time of cycle billing by 50% and time-to-rollback by about 30%.
  • ✓  Reduction of estimated data errors by more than 90%.
  • ✓  Create a system to meet the growing business demand.
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