Connecting the dots; Billing mediation migration with accuracy.

Background and Challenges

  • ✓  Customer was embarking on a large migration and consolidation project which needed testing for nearly 4,000,000 postpaid subscribers with the combination of new and legacy products. To add to the challenge customer also wanted to harmonize its product portfolio which meant during the migration phase the not only configurations for existing, interim and target set up had to be maintained, but the diligent and foresighted test plan has to be created along with rigorous test execution. Functional Testing for CRM and Billing Applications
  • ✓  Testing of New Product Launches
  • ✓  Bug fixes and enhancement validations
  • ✓  Data Migration Testing
  • ✓  Integration testing
  • ✓  Business process orchestration testing
  • ✓  Performance Testing/Volume Testing
  • ✓  Compatibility/Cross browser Testing


  • ✓  Process gating & checkpoints introduced in the testing life cycle to ensure deliverable quality and also ensure stakeholder alignment.
  • ✓  Early Defect detection – Testing cycle started with Static testing of requirements, independent testing of functional areas, integrated product testing covering end to end business process scenarios and regression testing.
  • ✓  Reusable assets were created to reduce manual effort and increase productivity.
  • ✓  Brought in collaboration with Business Users for Requirements review (Static Testing), Test Case Reviews, Test Coverage, Defect Prioritization.
  • ✓  Automated Testing of business critical flows using Hybrid framework.


  • ✓  Avg. Reuse & Tools savings over two quarters – above 27 %.
  • ✓  Effort savings of ~5 person per month by automating the Regression test suite and test result analysis.
  • ✓  Automated regression test of web application using RAPISE ~80 Phrs. per test cycle.
  • ✓  Shared complex reusable test scripts allowed for early detection in business process orchestration upto ~400Phrs per test cycle.
  • ✓  Test Data definition macro for input batch saved effort ~4-5 Phrs./every file preparation.
  • ✓  Reusability of existing Test Cases increased productivity.
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