Interconnect Billing Solution Implementation.


The client is a leading Interconnect Billing Solution Provider worldwide, offering innovate and enhanced products for Interconnect Business Optimization (IBO) and optimized call routing solution. The key challenge for the client was to provide a comprehensive project management, entailing domain, business and project management principles, for the roll-out of their IBO & call routing solution at a large Mobile Operator in India.

Having a limited presence in Asia-Pacific, the client required a local service provider, who has a strong Project Management skillset, coupled with deep domain, business and technology expertise.

With DigitalSkunks’s efforts and experience in this domain, the client received the key benefits of early identification of the issues that would crop up during the course of the project, and future opportunities that can help the client to grow its business with this large Mobile Operator.

Complex project involved a large implementation of an Interconnect Billing Solution, at both domestic and international levels. The operator’s network billing needed integration with the newly rolled-out circles and migration of the old circles from legacy systems onto the client’s IBO solution.

The client was actively looking for a partner who can:

  • ✓  Help the client’s team to understand a whole range of individual demands, made by different interest groups with sometimes contradictory views.
  • ✓  Strengthen the relationship with the Business Users, not only capturing all the Business and User requirements, but also ensuring their early and smooth adoption of the system.
  • ✓  Nurture relationship with previous supplier, for the successful execution and roll-out of the solution.
  • ✓  Map the complex processes and interdependencies with other application roll-outs and manage the project execution within the committed time-frame.


  • ✓  Stakeholder management and Customer experience Mangement.
  • ✓  High Complexity without prior knowledge/experience of the new Solution.
  • ✓  Systems Requirements Specification (SRS) had a multitude of gaps and needed a lot of iteration amongst the project teams to reach near to the acceptance level.
  • ✓  To ensure timely delivery of the Solution holistically in the given timescales.
  • ✓  Managing scope creeps for the timelines and subsequent phases of the project.
  • ✓  Managing resources located in multiple geographies.


DigitalSkunks was selected as the preferred partner by the client, and was given the key responsibility to manage the project, resources and ensure quality deliverables.

Key challenges for the project were the timelines and the evolving scope agreement & control and approval Functional Requirement Document. To address this we took an modular approach for each functional group. The following approach enabled DigitalSkunks’s team to overcome these challenges, and successfully deliver the project within the given timelines:

  • ✓  Knowledge transfer by means of deploying an onsite team.
  • ✓  Using collaboration tools like Webex and telephone conference calls for understanding and reporting.
  • ✓  Documentation of the Test Plan, Test Scenarios and Test Results.
  • ✓  Approval process adherence with all stakeholders.
  • ✓  Closures and Acceptance.


  • ✓  Overall cost reduction for the project execution.
  • ✓  Accelarated project delivery.
  • ✓  Effective early risk area identification for the project.
  • ✓  Timely resource allocation requests for the project.
  • ✓  Focussed and local presence of a Project Manager, ensuring stakeholder management for the successful completion of the project.

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